Max the Foot Beagle

Max the Foot Beagle

Hi my name is Max and I am a Foot Beagle. My first family couldn’t keep me for long because my brother didn’t like me that much but I found another family and they love me to bits as my mum tells me every day! I love sniffing around and going on long walks, especially with my best buddies Brutus, Valentine, Aron and Lilly. Another thing I like is to cuddle and wrap up in a duvet when no one is at home… oh and food! How could I forget food! 🙂 My mum and dad say I am the best and most beautiful looking dog and even though sometimes I can be very ‘independent’ I know where I belong. I like to play with other fur friends but I am little bit worried when I’m around cats or when my mum is giving me a bath or cleaning my ears. Yes I really don’t like that! Just one more thing, my mum said to tell you all that she would be lost without me and that I am rocking her world 😉 Woof!

2 Comments to “Max the Foot Beagle”

  1. Marie says : Reply

    Max is a beautiful little fellow 🙂 Great photos

    1. Julia says : Reply

      Thank you very much 🙂 love him to bits! 🙂

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