Eddie the Greyhound

Eddie the Greyhound

Eddie is my wonderful rescue greyhound from Australia (racing name Spirit Squad). We fostered and then adopted Eddie in 2009 and when returning to Ireland we had to bring him with us, he is part of the family. Eddie loves cuddles and is very affectionate especially in the morning which is always a pleasure to wake up to. Eddie isn’t the most active greyhound but enjoys the occasional sprint but that’s about all. If anyone is considering getting a dog I highly recommend a rescue greyhound!

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  1. Kathleen Harvey says : Reply

    I never had any contact with greyhounds until I met Eddie. He is the most wonderful affectionate dog you could ever meet. We had the pleasure of having him stay with us for three weeks after he arrived from Australia. We have two cats and were very worried about how they would get on. Eddie was wonderful and just ignored our cats most the time!!! Except when our boy cat tried the eat Eddies food!!! A quick snarl from Eddie soon put our boy in his place!! Greyhounds are such quiet intelligent animals. They are a pleasure to walk and for big dogs!! They do not take up much room. They are great companions and fun to be with. If you are thinking of bringing a dog into your home!! Please consider a greyhound!!! You won’t regret it.

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