Bobby the Old English Sheepdog

Bobby the Old English Sheepdog

Bobbles is a big clown. He has a larger than life personality that matches his 50 kg physique. He likes nothing better than being in the middle of family occasions, especially if they involve food, play or car rides. He loves oafing around with kids and other dogs. He prefers people to other dogs and being left out or left alone is the worst thing you can do to him! He prefers drives in the car or tug of war to actual walks and prefers pizza and icecream to dog food! He hates getting his hair done and loves rolling in horse poo!

2 Comments to “Bobby the Old English Sheepdog”

  1. Shannon says : Reply

    Do you still have Bobby? What are his details, eg. is he neutered? House details, house trained, walking etc. How old is Bobby? I am an OES owner from childhood and am very interested. Thank you.

    1. Oh My Dog says : Reply

      Hi Shannon, there’s some confusion here. This is not a rescue website! Its a website for people who love dogs. Owner’s send us photos of their dogs and make pages for them, and they are not available for rehoming. But I’m sure Bobby would be flattered!

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