Suzie the Newfoundland Collie Cross

Suzie the Newfoundland Collie Cross

Suzie is a Newfoundland/Collie cross. She has the Landseer markings and webbed feet of her Newfie mum (from Kilcock outside Dublin) and the  intelligence of her Collie dad! She swims every week at Holywood beach and is a very popular member of the canine community of Cherryvale Park in South Belfast. We have no idea when or if she will stop growing!

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  1. Christina says : Reply

    Dear Suzie,

    I’m sorry I was sick and couldn’t come and visit you on Friday. I can’t wait to see you again next time I’m visiting my Granny in Northern Ireland. I’m also looking forward to meeting Lyla. I bet she’s really cute just like you.

    Love from,

    Christina xx

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