Mouse the Greyhound

Mouse the Greyhound

Having had three amazing boxers (Homer, Arthur and Munky) our world was invaded by the sweetest thing, a greyhound called Mouse (he looks like a big one!). We had heard that greyhounds make great house dogs and this turned out to be 100% true. He is an ex-racing dog who won some races but got injured so thanks to Hannah at Cottage Rescue and Mary Jane at Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary he ended up here with us and Munky. It took him a few weeks to settle in and discover that he was allowed on the couch and that he could sniff things on walks but now there’s no going back! His default position is upside down on the couch with his paws in the air and his tongue hanging out.

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  1. Christina Fowler says : Reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOUSE…Hope you have a special dinner today..maybe chicken fillet! xx

  2. Christina Fowler says : Reply

    Another Gorgeous (Blue ?) 40 mile an hour couch potato..Hopefully the Dog Show & more photos like these of Mouse, will encourage further homebased adoptions,
    Christina HGRGT England

  3. Bruce says : Reply


  4. Cottage Rescue says : Reply

    I am so delighted for Mouse who really is a smashing dog and he is ever so gentle like lots of other Greyhounds.
    Many thanks to Orla for adopting him and giving him such a FAB home and lets hope that he wil pave the way for more of our Greyhounds to be homed on Irish Soil.

    1. Oh My Dog says : Reply

      Thanks Hannah!

  5. patricia tobin says : Reply

    super photos of a super dog! well deserved win today at retired greyhound show! and its great to see so many like yourself realising what wonderful wonderful dogs greyhounds are , lets hope many many more people adopt them as pets , they are just the best!( I know I am a greyhound fanatic bear with me!!)

  6. Jean says : Reply

    Love the paw picture… cute!

  7. Ruth says : Reply

    I just love him. He is adorable and he has the most beautiful eyes. So gentle and serene.

    1. Oh My Dog says : Reply

      Thanks Ruth. He is very gentle but when he gets his big tail wagging you have to keep out the way!

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