Dog Charities & Rescue Centres

Camus, Connemara, Co. GalwayMADRA, Camus, Connemara, Co. Galway
MADRA Galway is a volunteer dog rescue and adoption group run by qualified dog trainers. We have a variety of dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes ready for you to adopt. MADRA’s ultimate and overall aim is that all dogs have permanent, loving homes. We wish to educate members of the general public to have a responsible attitude towards dogs and their welfare. We wish to help create a world where no healthy, good-natured dogs are killed merely because they are considered to be a surplus number. We are committed to the improvement of the welfare of dogs in Ireland.
Heathlawn, Killimor, Co. GalwayGSPCA, Heathlawn, Killimor, Co. Galway
From humble beginnings in 1980, where we looked after animals in our homes, we have progressed to now having a shelter in Heathlawn, Killimor, Co. Galway and a shop, offices and cattery at 2a Augustine Street in Galway City. Visit our website and have a look at all the wonderful dogs and cats that are available for adoption right now in our sanctuaries. Please note that homechecks are done before any of our animals are rehomed and we do ask for a donation to help towards the cost of vaccinations, neutering, worming, etc. We are also always in need of foster parents for animals who may need one-to-one attention.
Ainmhithe Animal Rescue
Co. MayoAinmhithe Animal Rescue, Co. Mayo
Ainmhithe Animal Rescue is a small independent sanctuary that has been taking care of abandoned and neglected animals in Co. Mayo since 1998. We have a no-kill policy, which means that the animals in our care stay with us for as long as it takes to find them their forever homes. Ainmhithe actively searches for permanent quality homes for our dogs, cats and equines. We also educate the general public about responsible attitudes towards animals and their welfare and run education programmes in schools. We actively support, encourage and promote neutering and spaying of dogs and cats.
Roscommon SPCA
P.O. Box 10, Castlerea, Co. RoscommonRoscommon SPCA, P.O. Box 10, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon
Roscommon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Roscommon SPCA) is a voluntary organisation established in 1963 and is concerned with finding the animals in our care good homes. We also aim to promote animal welfare throughout Co. Roscommon and educate people on the importance of neutering their pets to help curb the staggering numbers of unwanted dogs and cats in the county and, indeed, throughout Ireland. There are always many dogs and cats looking for homes through Roscommon SPCA and we urge you to consider one of our deserving animals if you are looking for a new pet.
Dogs Trust
Ashbourne Road, Finglas, Dublin 11Dogs Trust, Ashbourne Road, Finglas, Dublin 11
Dogs Trust is Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity. To help reduce the number of unwanted puppies and to prevent straying we help people on means tested benefit to neuter their dog. This is achieved through a network of over 350 vets nationwide. Our education team offer free workshops to schools in Leinster and Munster and we focus on teaching kids about responsible dog ownership. Our Dublin Rehoming Centre opened in 2009 due to the high rate of destruction in Irish pounds and we now rescue and rehome over 1000 dogs each year. Go to our Dublin Rehoming Centre to see some of our dogs available for adoption.
Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16DSPCA, Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) is a registered charity which was established in 1840 to prevent cruelty to animals. Cases of cruelty, neglect, sickness and accidental injury continue today – and we are still here dealing with these problems. We operate four mobile animal clinics which offer subsidised veterinary treatment for pets whose owners are in receipt of welfare benefits, a public veterinary practice, free education programmes for teachers and students, animal ambulances covering the whole of Dublin City and County and public boarding kennels and cattery.
Leinster Animal Rescue
Clarendon House, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2Leinster Animal Rescue, Clarendon House, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2
Leinster Animal Rescue was set up by animal home rescue centres that needed a voice and a helping hand. In recent times, animal home rescues have found it tough keeping up with the amount of animals coming through their doors. Overflowing and using up the last of their own savings, they were desperate to find some help, so we put a plan together and here we are! The network of home rescues currently includes four rescues that cater to all animals, not just domestic cats and dogs. The Leinster Animal Rescue is a registered charity in Ireland and has a strict no-kill policy.
Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary
DublinDogs Aid Animal Sanctuary, Dublin
Dogs Aid is a charity set up by three ladies in 1987 to help the unwanted and abandoned dogs of Dublin. Since then we have helped rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of dogs. Dogs Aid has a no destruction policy so we never put a recoverable dog down, and as a result the sanctuary is a permanent home for many forever dogs that are “too old or too bold” to be rehomed. From time to time we also take care of other animals including rabbits, bats, birds, foxes, feral cats, hedgehogs etc. Dogs Aid is entirely staffed by volunteers and entirely funded by public donations, and all of our money goes to help the animals.
Kildare, West WicklowKWWSPCA, Kildare, West Wicklow
The Kildare and West Wicklow Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ltd (KWWSPCA) is a registered charity established in 1940 to prevent animal cruelty and is affiliated to the ISPCA. Along with the increased population of Co. Kildare and West Wicklow, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of suspected and actual cases of neglect and outright cruelty to animals, as well as an increase in road and other accidents involving animals. Our shelter is between Athgarvan and Twomilehouse and is open to visitors from 2-4pm every day. Noah’s Ark, our charity shop, is located at 11 The Tarmel Centre, Cutlery Road, Newbridge.
Celtic Animal Life Line
Kildare, Dublin, West WicklowCeltic Animal Life Line, Kildare, Dublin, West Wicklow
Celtic Animal Life Line is a dog rescue and rehoming charity providing a lifeline for animals in need in counties Kildare, Dublin and West Wicklow. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted, stray and abandoned dogs under our care. We match the right dog with the right home and vice versa, thereby fulfilling the needs of both dog and new home. We also promote responsible dog ownership with the general public, the importance of neutering, benefits of micro-chipping and other aspects of dogs’ physical and psychological care. All of our dogs are rehomed subject to our rehoming criteria.
Kildare Animal Foundation
South Green Road, Kildare TownKildare Animal Foundation, South Green Road, Kildare Town
Kildare Animal Foundation rescues and provides protection and healthcare for sick, injured, abused or neglected animals and wildlife at our non-kill shelter in Kildare Town. We bring them back to full health in body and mind and find them new loving homes. We also aim to prevent cruelty to animals, promote spaying and neutering, provide education on animal welfare and offer advice. But we need you to help us to help them and would be delighted if you could help out! An hour of your time would mean so much to the lives of many animals. We are open to the public 7 days a week from 2pm to 4pm (closed on bank holidays).
Inistioge Puppy Rescue
KilkennyInistioge Puppy Rescue, Kilkenny
Inistioge Puppy Rescue is a non-profit home run animal rescue organization based in Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny. The aim of our organisation is to protect against and prevent animal cruelty and abandonment. We provide temporary care for many pound dogs, as well as other unwanted pets, until such time as the animals can be suitably rehomed. We have a strict no-kill policy. We like to have a chat with you about the most suitable dog for you before rehoming. We require that you sign an adoption form before any of our dogs go home with you. This is to ensure a happy transition for you and your new dog.
Portlaoise, Co. LaoisLaois Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LSPCA), Portlaoise, Co. Laois
The LSPCA is a voluntary organisation established to prevent cruelty to animals in the Laois area. Our main aim is to provide medical help as well as food and shelter to sick and injured animals. All money collected by the society goes directly towards the care of animals (domestic, farm and wild). We promote the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats to reduce the number of unwanted pups and kittens and we give financial help towards the veterinary costs of these operations to people in less well off circumstances. Our members attend schools and other organisations informing the general public of our work.
Drogheda Animal Rescue
Drogheda, Co. LouthDrogheda Animal Rescue, Drogheda, Co. Louth
Drogheda Animal Rescue was established in 1997 by a small group of volunteers concerned with animal welfare. DAR provides shelter and care to abandoned, strayed, neglected, abused and injured dogs and cats. All animals in our care are neutered before being rehomed as we support neutering as a means to control unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. All potential new homes and owners are vetted to ensure that the animals will be well looked after and cared for by their new owners. DAR promotes responsible pet ownership and the awareness of animal welfare in Ireland.
Dundalk Dog Rescue
Dundalk, Co. LouthDundalk Dog Rescue, Dundalk, Co. Louth
Dundalk Dog Rescue is a voluntary, non-profit making service provided by a group of ordinary people in the community. Our daily purpose is to do whatever is possible to rescue unwanted dogs from dog pounds. We do not have our own premises so we mind the dogs until a place is found for them in a rehoming rescue. We rely heavily on people to help us by fostering our dogs until the next stage of their journey begins. If we cannot find a fosterer we pay for kennelling. We encourage responsible dog ownership and advocate the vaccination, micro chipping and neuter/spaying of family pets.
A Dog’s Life
Meath, DubinA Dog's Life, Meath, Dubin
A Dog’s Life is an non-profit group whose volunteers work hard to give pound dogs the chance of a better life. We rescue stray and surrendered dogs that are not reclaimed or rehomed. We depend on volunteers who go to the pound a couple of times a week to take pictures of the dogs and find out a bit about their personalities and temperament. Volunteers also transport the dogs out of the pound and to the safety of other reputable rescues, foster homes and kennels. All dogs will be rehomed only after a homecheck is passed by the adopters. All dogs are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before rehoming.
Dogs in Distress
Meath, Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow…Dogs in Distress, Meath, Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow...
Dogs in Distress is a 100% volunteer based organisation dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming sick, stray, abused and unwanted dogs. We do not have a physical shelter facility. Instead we use a network of volunteer fosterers who offer short term homes to our dogs and play a key role in their care until a new forever family can be found for them. We are funded purely on donations and operate through a team of dedicated volunteers. There are no paid roles in this organisation – our reward is seeing a dog or pup we have rescued in their new home! We rescue unwanted dogs directly from Meath public pound.
Last Hope Animal Charity
MeathLast Hope Animal Charity, Meath
The Last Hope Animal Charity (LHAC) is a not-for-profit charitable organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of domestic animals. Our mission is to rescue stray and injured animals and provide them with love, shelter, food, human companionship, medical care, and spay-neuter services until a permanent loving home is found. We are composed of volunteers willing to foster, transport, or otherwise assist in this massive rescue effort. As the charity is a network of foster homes, the number of animals LHAC can care for at a given time depends on the number of available fosterers.
Offaly SPCA
Tullamore, Co. OffalyOffaly SPCA, Tullamore, Co. Offaly
The OSPCA devotes itself to the rescue, care and rehoming of animals in need throughout the county. Its priorities include promoting the spaying/neutering of dogs and cats, in order to reduce the numbers of unwanted pups and kittens. Financial assistance for these procedures is provided to qualified applicants. The Society does not have any official shelter facilities so it relies heavily on individual members to ‘foster’ stray or abandoned animals. The OSPCA are always looking for good homes for rescued animals so if you are considering adopting a pet please get in touch.
Tipp-Off Animal Rescue
Offaly, TipperaryTipp-Off Animal Rescue, Offaly, Tipperary
Tipp-Off Animal Rescue is an independent, non-profit animal rescue. I rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs and cats. My passion is for German Shepherds with over 30 years experience of the breed but any dog in need is welcomed at my rescue. Tipp-Off Animal Rescue takes dogs from the dog pound once their time is up and they are due to be destroyed. We also take dogs from the public, subject to space being available, who for whatever reason need to rehome their dog. No rescue could exist without the support of people who want to help rehabilitate these animals and I thank the many volunteers who give their time.
Athlone SPCA
Athlone, Co. WestmeathAthlone Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Athlone, Co. Westmeath
The Athlone Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is a charitable organisation. Our mission is to protect the welfare of all unwanted, neglected and abused animals we come into contact with and to promote the humane treatment and wellbeing of these animals. We also promote animal welfare legislation and education. As is the case with most animal rescue groups we depend on donations from members of the public to carry out our work. All donations go directly to the care and protection of animals in need in Athlone and the surrounding areas.
Moate and Midlands Dog Rescue
Moate, Co. WestmeathMoate and Midlands Dog Rescue, Knockdomney, Moate, Co. Westmeath
Our mission is to create a safe haven for stray, abused or unwanted dogs. Our sanctuary will provide a base for up to 40 dogs to recover, rehabiliate and be rehomed. At present we have no sanctuary and are relying on the kindness of foster carers and our connections with other rescues. We have secured a green field site for a sanctuary and plans have been drawn up and approved by the county veterinary inspector. We need €30,000 to build and run our sanctuary for the first 12 months. During fundraising our resources to help dogs in need will be extremely limited – we MUST focus on getting the sanctuary built.
ASH Animal Rescue
Cornan, Kiltegan, Co. WicklowASH Animal Rescue, Cornan, Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow
Our lives are dedicated to caring for animals who find themselves in a rescue situation. We have a strict no-kill policy in ASH and are a non-profit organisation. Since 1990 we have taken in many unwanted dogs, cats and other animals. We spend our lives doing our very best caring for them, rehabilitating some and looking for loving homes for those that can be rehomed. We have rescued many animals from horrific situations that we still can’t comprehend and many of these dogs and cats are now sitting by their owner’s feet in a house or running happily in a park chasing a ball and are the apple of someone’s eye.
Paw Pourri Animal Rescue
Ennis, Co. ClarePaw Pourri Animal Rescue, Ennis, Co. Clare
Paw Pourri Animal Rescue is based in Ennis, Co. Clare and we believe that all animals should lead happy and contented lives. We operate a strict no-kill policy regardless of breed, age or gender. We rescue and rehome cats, dogs and other animals and you can help us by adopting or fostering a pet, helping in our charity shop in Ennis, donating items for sale in the shop or donating cat/dog food or other items, such as kennels. If you would like to give a loving home to one of our dogs or cats, the first step is to have a brief chat, so we can find out a little bit about you and the kind of dog or cat you are considering.
Homeward Bound
Shannon, Co. ClareHomeward Bound, Shannon, Co. Clare
Homeward Bound is an adoption and rehoming service with national coverage, and is also a small scale rescue. It is run totally voluntarily by members based in Clare, Mayo and Galway, with the help of just one or two foster homes and volunteers around the country. There is no sanctuary, shelter or kennels and we don’t use boarding. All dogs are fostered in a home environment by ourselves and our trusted fosterers. Our aim is to prevent the abandonment of dogs, thereby sparing the dog a potentially fatal week in the dog pound, or sparing overworked rescue groups another addition to their workload.
Second Chance Animal Rescue
Shannon, Co. ClareSecond Chance Animal Rescue, Shannon, Co. Clare
Second Chance Animal Rescue Clare (SCAR Clare) are here for the health and welfare of your pets. We provide support and education with compassion where and when needed. Our objective is to help as many animals as possible, big or small, find their forever homes. Second Chance Animal Rescue was founded in 2007 and our charity base is now 26 Delginis, Shannon, where the SCAR charity shop is also situated. Our animal shelters are in Labasheeda on a half-acre site. We also have a temporary cattery in Kilmurry McMahon mainly to house kittens. Visit our website to find out how you can help.
Clare Animal Welfare
Crusheen, Co. ClareClare Animal Welfare, Crusheen, Co. Clare
Clare Animal Welfare is a voluntary organisation formed in 2000 whose main aim is to improve the lives and welfare of animals. Rescue work is not easy, it can at times be extremely upsetting and stressful and so at times we do have to rely on members of the public for their patience and understanding. In an ideal world people and/or groups like us would not be required, it is up to everyone all around the county to help improve the conditions and lives of the animals around them. Not until people realise and accept that we are all at fault will the lives of those who are suffering begin to change for the better.
PO Box 558, Togher Sorting Office, CorkCork DAWG, PO Box 558, Togher Sorting Office, Cork
Cork DAWG is an organisation founded and run completely by a network of animal lovers concerned with the welfare of abandoned, abused and ill-treated dogs in Cork. Through our collective experience we aim to improve the lives of Cork’s dogs and also endeavour to educate the public on dog welfare and dog ownership. Our mission is to rescue abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and to rehome every dog we rescue. Take some time to visit our website where you will find details of lots of beautiful dogs that need new homes. You might just find your new best friend.
Animal Care Society Cork
Kilmichael, Co. CorkAnimal Care Society Cork, Kilmichael, Co. Cork
The Animal Care Society (Cork), a registered charity, was formed in October 2000. The aim of the Animal Care Society is stated in its name, to try and provide care to animals in Cork City and County that need our help, as far as our funds and facilities allow. We are almost entirely made up of volunteers who give their time and effort to help animals. Through our network of dedicated dog, cat and wildlife fosterers we have rehomed over 8000 animals since our foundation. We also operate a help line service and a charity shop located in Togher with all the proceeds going towards helping the animals in our care.
West Cork Animal Welfare Group
Clonakilty, Co. CorkWest Cork Animal Welfare Group, Clonakilty, Co. Cork
The West Cork Animal Welfare Group was founded in May 1999 in response to a desperate need to help unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused animals in West Cork. We formed a Limited Company and obtained Charitable status in 2001 and the group is still run today by a few dedicated individuals who were involved in setting up the charity and who work voluntarily so any funds raised and donated go directly to the upkeep of the animals in our care. Our facilities near Rosscarbery in Co. Cork were purpose built and can accommodate up to 50 dogs and puppies. Please check our website for dogs looking for homes.
Pauline’s Rescue
Charleville, Co. CorkPauline's Rescue, Charleville, Co. Cork
Pauline’s Rescue is based near Charleville in North Cork. We take in abandoned and neglected dogs and give them a second chance at life that they all deserve. We always have lots of dogs and other animals that need loving homes so if you can offer them a second chance please see our Facebook page. You will also find them on the website. Any donations are really appreciated and 100% of all donations goes directly to the dogs. Donations can be made through our bank or online via PayPal. Please see our Facebook page for details on how to make a donation. Thank you!
Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR)
Killarney, Co. KerryAnimal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR), Killarney, Co. Kerry
Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) was founded in 1991 by Suzanne Gibbons who has worked in animal rescue since she was 8. AHAR started out as a rescue for horses and ponies that were going to the slaughterhouse but very quickly it turned into a rescue for ALL unwanted animals and birds including wildlife and all cruelty cases. Primarily we handle dogs, cats and horses but regularly have foxes, chickens, pigs, goats, ferrets, etc. residing with us. We actively re-home as many animals as we can. All of our dogs and cats are neutered and vaccinated before re-homing. They range from kittens and puppies to fully grown adults.
Limerick Animal Welfare
LimerickLimerick Animal Welfare, Limerick
Limerick Animal Welfare is a registered charity, caring for abandoned and neglected animals. We promote the humane treatment of all animals, working towards a more compassionate society. Our sanctuary is in Moorestown, Kifinane, Co. Limerick. The sanctuary buildings now accommodate dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, goats, pigs, donkeys, birds and wildlife. We have a No Kill Policy and we provide a safe haven for unwanted or abandoned animals across Limerick city and county until we find responsible, safe homes for them. We have charity shops at 51 Roches Street and 59 Parnell Street, Limerick.
Cottage Rescue
Longfield, Cashel, Co. TipperaryCottage Rescue, Longfield, Cashel, Co. Tipperary
Cottage Rescue is a small animal rescue founded by Hannah Fitzgerald. The rescue is a safe haven for any animal that needs help in finding its new forever home. Cottage Rescue works in a home environment, with specially built kennels and runs to house the rescue animals. They are also brought into our homes to be properly assessed so that they can be rehomed more successfully. We work closely with our adopters by doing home checks to find out just what they are looking for in their new animal. We are then able to match the new adopter with the animal that will best suit their home and family life.
Roscrea SPCA
Roscrea, Co. TipperaryRoscrea SPCA, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary
Roscrea SPCA was formed in 1995 by a small group of people with an interest in animal welfare. The Society tries to encourage as many pet owners as possible to neuter their pets. We also aim to prevent cruelty to animals, promote animal welfare and relieve the suffering of animals. Roscrea SPCA is run by volunteers who give of their time and energy to ensure the success and smooth running of the Society. All monies received goes towards the neutering and care of animals in the Society. We offer subsidised neutering, a feral cat neutering scheme, microchipping and have pets available for rehoming.
Rainbow Rehoming Centre
Eglinton, Co. DerryRainbow Rehoming Centre, Eglinton, Co. Derry
The Rainbow Rehoming Centre was first established by Helen Davies in 1997 in response to the desperate need to find homes for the hundreds of abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats that are found in Derry and the North West every year. The centre now accommodates up to 20 dogs and we have a cattery for 30 cats and 16 cages for kittens and convalescing cats. The centre is run by a team of experienced and dedicated animal lovers. If you wish to adopt a dog from the Rainbow Rehoming Centre you will be asked to fill out a booking form which is a series of questions to help us determine the right dog for you and your family.
Donegal Pet Rescue
Ramelton, Co. DonegalDonegal Pet Rescue, Ramelton, Co. Donegal
Donegal Pet Rescue (DPR) was formed to address the problem of unwanted, abandoned and neglected dogs and cats and to respond to cases of animal cruelty across Co. Donegal. A voluntary, non-profit organisation, our mission is to rescue and rehome dogs and cats, raise awareness of animal cruelty and neglect and make a positive impact in these areas and promote the importance of neutering and responsible pet ownership. We rely solely on the dedication and hard work of volunteers and heavily on public donations to fund our work. The DPR Charity Shop is open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm at Lower Main Street.
Monaghan SPCA
Emyvale Shelter, Killydonagh, Co. MonaghanMonaghan SPCA, Emyvale Shelter, Killydonagh, Co. Monaghan
The MSPCA has been serving the Monaghan area since 1996. We are a not for profit shelter dedicated to saving unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs. We provide rescue, medical care, rehabilitation, and adoption services. The animals in our care come to us through no fault of their own. Most have been pulled from “death row” from the dog pound, some have been rescued from abusive situations, others come to us after they have lost their way home or their owners are unable to care for them. Our dedicated volunteers provide the love, care, and attention they deserve until a new caring home can be found.
Carrick Dog Shelter and Rescue
Carrickmacross, Co. MonaghanCarrick Dog Shelter and Rescue, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan
Carrick Dog Shelter and Rescue rehabilitate and rehome as many suitable dogs as possible to qualified adopters. The shelter was established in 2001 by friends and volunteers to reduce the destruction rate of dogs within Co. Monaghan. The majority of dogs in the shelter are healthy animals that have been taken from Monaghan Dog Pound and were due to be destroyed – a smaller percentage are dogs that were voluntarily surrendered to the shelter by owners who cannot or who are unwilling to care for their pet any more. If you are considering a dog as a pet then please consider a rescue dog.
Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds
Killarney, Co. KerryHomes for Unwanted Greyhounds (HUG), Killarney, Co. Kerry
Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds (HUG) is a non-profit organisation. We aim to find loving homes for retired Irish racing greyhounds and promote a positive image of the breed as pets throughout Ireland and beyond. Contrary to what people may think, most racing greyhounds are docile, quiet and even-tempered and they adore the company of people and other animals. They are friendly, affectionate dogs who thrive on human companionship and usually adapt very quickly and remarkably well to retirement. If left up to them, you will have a 70 pound lap dog on your hands!
Westie Rescue Ireland
LouthWestie Rescue Ireland, Co. Louth
Westie Rescue Ireland is a charitable organisation based in Co. Louth committed to rescuing and rehoming West Highland White Terriers in Ireland. It was set up in 2005 by Maureen Byrne in response to the increasing numbers of Westies being abandoned and surrendered around the country. We rescue and rehome an average of 60 Westies every year. We get a full history on each dog including what sort of life they have had to date, what people they have lived with, what training they have, etc. and match them with suitable owners. We are always available to offer help and advice to new owners for the life of the dog.
Whippet Rescue Ireland
Information onlyWhippet Rescue Ireland
Whippet Rescue Ireland was founded in January 2010. We no longer operate as a rescue but post details of whippets needing homes in other rescues regularly. If you are looking to adopt, please visit our facebook page. Whippets make great pets and are sweet, affectionate, gentle and playful. Quiet and lazy in the house, they are happy to just snooze away the afternoon. When out, they love nothing more than a good run. They are house dogs and love their comforts and they will happily sleep in your bed if you let them! Whippets are extremely sensitive and intelligent so treat them with gentle love and kindness and you will have a best friend for life.
Irish Sled Dog Welfare
SligoIrish Sled Dog Welfare, Co. Sligo
Irish Sled Dog Welfare was formed to help Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes and crosses of these breeds that are appearing in Irish dog pounds and other rescues in ever increasing numbers. We are based in Co. Sligo but take dogs in from all over Ireland, get them neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for fleas and worms and then find their forever home. We offer back up on each dog that we rehome for the rest of its life, and if any dog cannot stay with its owners for whatever reason, the dog must be returned to us. Sled dogs aren’t for everybody, so please do your research.