There are three ways to advertise on Oh My Dog and reach thousands of dog owners all over Ireland and around the world!

1. On the ‘Find’ doggie directory pages

Our standard advertising charge is €75 for 12 months, which includes:

  • a listing for your business on the Find pages;
  • regular promotion on the Oh My Dog Facebook page;
  • a temporary advert on the home page.

We make up your advert using images, text and details that we can get directly from your website or Facebook page. Please email your website address and Facebook page to

2. Display Adverts

On the right hand side of this page you will notice six display adverts. These adverts appear throughout the website. The current price for these adverts is €25 for one month, which includes the design of your advert. You can also design the advert yourself as a jpeg and send it to us (dimensions: 220 x 150 pixels).

Ad Space 1

€25current price

Ad Space 2

€25current price

Ad Space 3

€25current price

Ad Space 4

€25current price

Ad Space 5

€25current price

Ad Space 6

€25current price

How to book an Ad Space advert
The adverts are numbered 1 to 6 from top to bottom so email and tell us:

  • which Ad Space you would like;
  • how many months you would like it for.

Example: if you want to take Ad Space 5 for 3 months, the price is €75.

3. Banner Advert

For maximum exposure on Oh My Dog we have introduced a banner advert that appears on every page of the website. And its big! We can design the advert for you but if you want to design it yourself it should be 977×150 pixels. Contact us for details.