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All types of dogs are welcome – big ones, small ones, fast ones, slow ones, young ones, old ones, rescued ones and even those that are no longer with us. Send as your photos, text and a few more details and we’ll make up the page and send you an email when its ready.

If you have more than one dog (lucky you!) please send text and photos separately so we can make them their own pages.

Send as many pictures as you like (6-10 is a good start but you can add more any time). The photos should be at least 700px wide (don’t worry too much about this – if your photos are too small we’ll let you know). We’ll choose one to be your dog’s profile pic with the rest going in the gallery.

Send around 100-200 words. Tell us what your dog likes, what they don’t, any funny stories or strange things they do – whatever you like!

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